Wednesday, 13 June 2018

JUNE 2018 : TALLAGANDA STATE FOREST, NSW : Lowden Trig Walk to Serenity Rocks and return : 14kms : 4.5 kms : 400m

Wednesday Walk - Brindabella Bushwalking Club
Lowden Trig Firetrall Walk to Serenity Rocks and return
14 kms : 4.5 hours : 400m : 6 C, misty and cool.
Another challenging day’s walk

Early morning mist

Fascinating fungi

This one as big as a cauliflower

Pristine forest

Enjoyable breaks after all the ascents and descents

Fabulous ferns

Up we go

Break after steep climb

Along the ridge

To the top to Serenity Rocks

Lunch..with views to Mount Palerang

And down we go..and return along the same route.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

JUNE 2018 : CORIN FOREST, ACT : Stockyard Spur Walking Track to a lookout en route Pryor’s Hut and return : 12 kms - 5 hours. 800m+

Brindabella Bushwalking Club - Wednesday Walk
Stockyard Spur Walking Track to a Lookout en route Pryor’s Hut and return
12 kms : 5 hours : 800m+ elevation
6oC Misty rain

An exacting walk today, from the onset, as we headed straight up the Stockyard Spur and the steps and descents on our return.
The sub-alpine area with the forest of snow gums was stunning, enhanced by the light rain.
Lots of tired bodies afterwards.

A chilly morning. Here we are selecting the correct number of layers.

The realisation that we had quite a climb from the onset.

View back to Corin Dam

2kms later up the Spur we reached the clearing for the helicopter pad.

Catching our breath with morning tea

Stunning gums and rock formations

The lookout..and our lunch spot

Pleased to have made it

The mist rolls in and the temperature drops 

Some attractive distractions along the way...

And down we go..

Listening to the calls of lyrebirds as we descended

Welcome views of the dam


Thursday, 31 May 2018

MAY 2018 : TALLAGANDA STATE FOREST, NSW : A circuit walk via Cronin’s Hut : 16 kms : 5 hours (2 hour return car trip)

  Brindabella Walking Club
A circuit walk via Cronin’s Hut
16 kms : 5 hours 
Fine and 20o

Views to the Brindabella Ranges

Cronin’s Hut, formerly a homestead, reknown for giving refuge to the violent bush rangers, the Clarke Brothers, in the 1860s.


MAY 2018 : GOOGONG DAM, NSW : Bradley Creek Walk : 14.2 return trip : 5 hours

Brindabella Bushwalking Club
Wednesday Walk
Googong Dam : Bradley Creek Walk : return trip 14.2 kms
13o and fine

The dry Bradley’s Creek

Googong Dam, completed in 1968


Thursday, 10 May 2018

MAY 2018 : TASMANIA : THREE CAPES WALK : Day 4 : Retakunna Hut - Fortescue Bay via Cape Hauy - 14 kms - 7 hours

Day 4 : Retakunna Hut to Fortescue Bay via Cape Hauy - 14 kms - 7 hours
Day 3 has the reputation of being the most challenging of the 4 days and there were some interesting surprises - the number of steps throughout the day, particularly to Cape Hauy, and the dramatic changes in environments, especially the lush rainforest sections.

We thought that Mt Fortescue, about 400m, would be the biggest hurdle today but the main challenge was at the very end...Cape Hauy.

Another beautiful sunrise

Everyone up early as we had been warned about the distance we had to cover and the need to meet the bus from 3pm.

Off about 7.45am with Mt Fortescue ahead..400m.

It wasn’t long until we were in our first rainforest section - the fungi kept everyone captivated.

Fungi that release spore when you touch them

Stunning rainforest

Fungi that releases a stinky odor to attract wildlife to spread its spore.

Groups would stop at the different information points and read aloud the section in the guidebook.
Fun sharing as we passed along.

These are the tallest flowering trees in the world, also found in the Valley of the Styx.

Some steep sections which Mark took carefully.

Views back south to Cape Pillar. Munro Hut is set in the bush land about halfway along the ridge line.

Lunch at a rest point, where it was suggested we leave our packs before conquering Cape Hauy.
Currawongs wait in the trees and will unzip packs if there is any sweet food inside. Many put pack covers on to deter them.

As well as being a part of the Tasmanian Park’s Three Capes Walk,  Cape Hauy is also a popular Tasmanian Great Short Walk, accessed from Fortescue Bay.

No one had really warned us about the walk to Cape Hauy. As soon as we began Mark realised this might be undoing as we looked across to the Cape.We have since discovered that there are thousands of steps for the return trip. The track goes over the rise to another valley of steps. Certainly a good workout!

The track

The lookout nearing the edge of Cape Hauy

The view down

The magnificent dolerite cliffs

And back again...

Then an hour to Fortescue Bay
One of the girls saw a large black snake walking along this section.

The end of the track

Fortescue Bay

A successful completion..

We waited at Fortescue Bay for the bus. Biding our time, eating leftover snacks or having a dip in the chilly 14oC Tasman Sea.

The bus arrives..

We drive off into the sunset...