Friday, 5 May 2017

MAY 2017 : NORTHERN TERRITORY : Larapinta Trail : Day 9 : Serpentine Gorge and Lookout and Simpson's Gap


Visit to Serpentine Gorge and Lookout and Simpson's Gap

Serpentine Gorge - sacred tribal area - swimming prohibited


Steep climb to the lookout


Dare-devil Ella, defying gravity.



Simpson's Gap - another sacred tribal area and swimming prohibited



Elusive Rock wallabies


Our final lunch and a return journey to Alice Springs 


A wonderful trek!


MAY 2017 : NORTHERN TERRITORY : Larapinta Trail : Day 8 : Mt Sonder : 16 km - 8 hours


Mount Sounder - the final section of the Larapinta Trail.
The mountain's tribal name was Rwetypme as the rock looks like a prostrate pregnant woman.
Legend has it that she was a young woman who ran away with a man from another tribe.
In punishment, she was turned to stone.
Our mission to climb to her belly button.


Up at 2.30am and arrived at the base at 3.



A windy, cold morning as we made the challenging 4 hour climb.


We arrived at the top at 7 in time for sunrise.




We shared the view - and the cold - with students from Hermannsburg.


Hot tea and coffee and fruit cake provided by our thoughtful guides, Ella and Jo.


Then the 4 hour steep descent 


Red-bud Mallee



We were all delighted with our achievement today


Brunch ready for us on our return to camp


Rest at camp for the afternoon. A colourful dragonfly joined me on my tent.


Afternoon swim and drink at Glen Helen Gorge




MAY 2017 : NORTHERN TERRITORY : Larapinta Trail : Day 7 : Ormiston Gorge and Finke River


Today we walked Section 10


Leaving Ormiston Gorge


Enjoying the pace


Views of Mount Sonder


This water hole has moved down stream from last year.


After several kilometres walking through sand on the river bed we
came across a huge rock in the middle of the river.
Unresistable to some!


Halfway for others


Lunch at Finke River water hole and a refreshing swim


Some bird life along the shore


Leaving the river to walk across country


Walking towards the Chalet Range

Mistletoe flower


Walking through the hole in the wall


View over Finke River waterhole


We ended up at the Glen Helen Resort


River gums along the Gorge


Glen Helen Gorge


A drink at the pub



MAY 2017 : NORTHERN TERRITORY : Larapinta Trail : Day 6 : Ormiston Pond Loop Walk : 8 kms - 6 hours



Today we diverted from the Larapinta Trail and walked the Ormiston Pound Day Walk - highly recommended.



Starting at Ormiston Gorge carpark we made our way along a grassy track and then started to climb.


Very soon we were walking on the rim of the Pound.


Rob led us across the floor of the Pound


A curry wattle


A waterhole - still holding water from the summer rains


Continuing across the Pound


First views of Ormiston Gorge


Salt rings on the rocks. Larapinta means 'salty river'


A popular tourist spot in the heat


Perfect for lunch


A view from the lookout high above the Gorge


Another warming campfire and delicious meal to complete the day.