Sunday, 23 July 2017

JULY 2017 : INDIA : DAY 19 : Leh to Delhi

Flying out of Leh, the last sight of the Indus River

An afternoon in Delhi staying at the Lalit Hotel
A welcome swim in the pool

Our final meal together
Wonderful memories and new friendships 


JULY 2017 : INDIA : DAY 18 : Leh

A rest day today and a farewell to our wonderful World Expeditions team

We started the day with coffee and pastries at the Wonderland Cafe

The delivery man

The rest of the morning we shopped and explored the bazaar
Advice : bring Indian rupees or exchange Australian dollars with the money changers - good rate 47 rupees = A$1
Many of Delhi ATMs unreliable and Leh ATMs in heavy demand and often out of order.
Credit cards in Leh not always able to be used because of u reliable internet.

The palace overlooking the bazaar

After lunch a small ceremony to show our appreciation to our guides, Nawang and Lobzang,
and excellent staff Govinda, Kishan, Padam and Tensing.

Our celebration song

On the first day of trekking NAWANG said to us
"Just a little bit up"
On the second day of trekking LOBZANG said to us
"Diri, diri, diri chalo!"
On the third day of trekking THE STAFF all called to us
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding
On the fourth day of trekking ALISON said to us
"OLLIE's left me for the mule train!"
On the fifth day of trekking LIZZIE said to us
"Think I'll hitch a ride today"
On the sixth day of trekking ELEEN said to us
"Any chance of a fresh masala tea?"
On the seventh day of trekking CURTIS said to us
"It's time for another barley beer"
On the eighth day of trekking JEANNE said to us
" Look, no more tuck shop arms!"
On the ninth day of trekking RUTH said to us
"I'm off to join Hemis monastery"
On the tenth day of trekking MEG said to us
"Lobzang, I'll find a bride for you!"
On the eleventh day of trekking CATHERINE yelled to us
 But I've found my week-old apple and squishy banana..
On the twelfth day of trekking we all said out loud

Sounds of a Ladakhi Trek

(A Little Bit Up)


No sound is more constant than the racing, bracing, gushing, tumbling rivers by every campsite, full to a rare level creating many crossings with frequent boot changes, wet socks, stumbling feet but with many helping hands to cross.

Mule bells both tinkling and deeply ringing, often accompanied by donkey braying both close and distant – day and night, comforting and sleep disturbing especially when right next to your tent!  The mules must eat all night- I don’t know when they sleep!

Huffing and puffing, deep breathing and sighing accompany the uphill climbs with a longing glance towards the unseen top.

Dishes bashing as they are scrupulously cleaned after every meal.

Early morning calls for tea are welcome and a reminder to get your butt into gear for the day ahead.

Zips on tents and sleeping bags slide back and forth, more frequently in the evenings and early mornings.

“How high are we?”, “How much further?”, “What’s the trail like tomorrow?”, “Are there river crossings?”, “How many?”, “Are we nearly at camp?”, “Will it be hot?”, “Will the rain stop?”, “Is there any chocolate left?”, “What number tent is that?”, “JullayJullay”, “ChullayChullay”.

Less welcome is the sound of rain and wind as they dampen many belongings and bring a chill to the day.

Joyful laughter and groaning emanating from the Eating Tent as card games proceed.

But – one of the most comforting sounds is the chuffer, or kerosene burner, as it bursts to life in the mornings with the knowledge that hot drinks and food are soon to follow, after lunch has been made for the day.

Jeanne Read





JULY 2017 : INDIA : DAY 17 : Tso Morari - Leh - 7 hours drive

A 4am wake up call for a sunrise walk

Tso Morari village from the top

Then a surprise descent..a final challenge from Nawang.

Our last camp breakfast

Then we headed back to Leh

Crossing passes

Tibetan and Chang Pa herdsmen

Milking goats

A Buddhist funeral

Long stretches of bumpy travel along the Indus River

Constant traffic

Helpful guiding signs
My favourite 'Darling, I know you like me but slow down!'

Packed lunch in a small cafe

Small communities along the river

Entering Leh

Arrival at our hotel - tired and hot but all present and accounted for.